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Strabismus Corrective Surgery in Abuja, Nigeria

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The success rate of our Strabismus Corrective Surgery service at Havilah Eye hospital, Abuja, Nigeria ranks at a high percentage. With our expertise and passion to restore vision, children are also in safe hands to get the best Strabismus Corrective Surgery.

Strabismus is a visual problem in which the eyes are not aligned properly and point in different directions.  Strabismus is a failure of the two eyes to maintain proper alignment and work together as a team. If you have strabismus, one eye looks directly at the object you are viewing, while the other eye is misaligned inward (“crossed eyes” or “cross-eyed”), outward (“wall-eyed”), upward or downward.

Strabismus can occur due to

  • muscle dysfunction,
  • farsightedness
  • problems in the brain,
  • trauma or infections

 Risk factors include 

  • premature birth,
  • cerebral palsy and
  • a family history of the condition.

Living to our brand as the best in Strabismus Corrective Surgery in Abuja and in Nigeria at large, Havilah eye hospital guarantees a 60-80 percent success rate of each surgery. A specialized examination called a sensorimotor examination will be performed by our ophthalmologist. To ascertain the severity of the condition and the best treatment that will apply, the ophthalmologist may use several testing methods. This may include motility exam, visual acuity and refraction. Strabismus surgery in children requires general anesthesia. Before surgery, a medication is often given to children to alleviate their anxiety of being separated from their parent. In adults, the procedure can be done with general or local anesthesia. Either way, the patient must fast for about eight hours before the procedure. For this reason, pediatric cases are often scheduled in the early morning.

Located in Abuja Nigeria, our caring team gives the best , from diagnosis stage and throughout the treatment process. Infants or children are cared for by our skilled pediatric eye specialist. With their expertise and passion to restore vision, children are in safe hand to get the best Strabismus Corrective Surgery.


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