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Glaucoma Services

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GLAUCOMA is an eye disease caused by increased, unrelieved pressure within the eye. We all experience pressure in our daily lives. In the right amount, this keeps us and our world in balance. But when pressure gets out of control, damage to our body can result in the form of migraine headaches, ulcers, even heart attacks and strokes.

The same thing can happen with our eyesight. Inside our eyes, fluid is continuously produced and drained. But sometimes the eye produces too much fluid or the drainage system gets clogged.

Then pressure builds up inside the eye causing damage to the optic nerve. Inside the optic nerve, a million tiny wires must join together to allow clear vision. With too much internal eye pressure, these wires “short out,” the optic nerve begins to die and blind spots develop in our vision. This is glaucoma. Untreated…this leads to blindness!

Millions of Americans presently have glaucoma. Sadly, each year, thousands of Americans will go blind, needlessly, due to glaucoma. That’s because the most common cause of glaucoma strikes silently…with no warning signs…and no eye symptoms until it’s too late.

But, glaucoma can be effectively treated and sight can be saved IF eye exams are performed on a regular basis. Dr. Andrew Iteghie recommends all patients over age 40 have a complete eye exam every two to three years. During this exam, vision and eye pressure is carefully measured and our doctors thoroughly examine the inside of the eye paying special attention to the optic nerve. If needed, a computer draws a personalized map of the field of vision that identifies vision defects and abnormal changes in the nerve.

If results indicate that glaucoma is present, our doctors will begin a regimen of treatment. Designing YOURtreatment plan depends on YOUR type of Glaucoma. That’s why medical science has developed different ways to treat this disease. Help us to treat and beat glaucoma by having regular eye exams.

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